• Fast delivery: standard models stocked in US warehouse.

  • Consult us about customized options.

  • Wide range of brightness for various light conditions and IPS.

  • Evaluation kits with complete application notes.

  • Capacitive and resistive touch panels.

  • Long availability and product line stability to support your project.


Orient Display is one of the world’s leading touch panel and LCD display manufacturer, offering off the shelf or full custom designs for monochrome LCD, LCD module, active color TFT LCDOLED, PMOLED and capacitive/resistive touch panels. Comply with standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, QC 080000, ISO/TS16949 and PPM Process Control.

Product Highlights

1.3"-10.1" Full Color TFT with various interfaces, brigthness, and touch panels.

   Color TFT   

0.96"- 3.12" Passive Matrix OLED with contrast ratio, high response time, and low power consumption.


LCDs with full control platform and simple UI modification.

 Embedded LCD  

1"-  5.2" Graphic LCDs with multiplemode and backlight combinations.

 Graphic LCD 

From 8x1 to 40x4

Character LCDs with multiple mode and backlight.

 Character LCD  

Exclusive 2.7'' COG Graphic LCD module with 128x64 resolution; Backlight and touch panel available.

Jazz Graphic LCD

Vertical Alignment (VTN).

LCD with very dark true black; Backlight colors available.


Capacitive and resistive touch panel.

Touch Panel

From 1 to 24 digits

LCD Glass Panels Available.

LCD Glass Panels

Evaluation boards for TFT and LCD.


Contact us for custom made projects.