IR Dome Lens SMD

  • Industry standard SMD LEDs with Dome Lens

  • Narrow viewing angle - as narrow as 10º

  • Wavelength range from 880nm to 940nm

  • High reliability and great spectrum sensitivity


Kingbright LED products provide solutions to companies worldwide driving enhanced connectivity and visualization. Offering the most comprehensive product lines in both visible and invisible spectrums, they have been setting the standard in LED expertise for over 40 years. Pairing technological innovation with product reliability, their investments in research and development focus on highly efficient technologies while ensuring quality excellence across their product portfolio. 

Product Line


Top Emitting Chip, PLCC, RA, Multi-Color, Subminiature, Reverse Mount & SOT-23.

Through Hole LED

Variety of Sizes, Shapes, Color Combinations, lens types and brightness.

SMD Display

Ultra Thin, 7-Segment and Alphanumeric.

Through Hole Display

1, 2, 3 and 4 Digit 7-Segment, Alphanumeric, Dot Matrix, Light Bar and Bar Graph Array.

High Brightness LED

Ideal for automotive interior lighting, backlighting, and decorative lighting applications.

IR Photo-transistor

Infrared Emitting Diode, Phototransistor, Light Sensor and Photodiode.

Circuit Board Indicator

Single level, Bi-level, Tri-Level, Quad-level, SMD and Panel Mount.